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With Asalite products, you can illuminate your home and business in an energy- and cost-effective way.

The Asalite brand was founded in 2014 and we can proudly say that during these years 3000 customers have already tried one of our products. We have a nationwide network of representatives and provide services to our partners through our experienced team.

Our wholesale web store has been accepting orders since 2017 with a constantly growing number of partners. 99% of our offer is available in our warehouse.

Asalite LED
Not only the future, but also the Light Source of the PRESENT!

    The wide range of Asalite LED Bulbs allows us to serve residential and industrial needs, as they are defined by high quality and long-term reliability.


    Whether functionality or decoration is the primary consideration, it’s easy to find the right option across the range.


    Asalite LED Bulbs are available in a wide range of sockets, three colour temperatures, practical shapes and several sizes.


    As a state-of-the-art lighting solution, they also contribute greatly to maintaining the environmental conditions necessary for their sustainable development.

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