LED High Bay

Premium LED High Bays with the Asalite brand are characterised by high quality materials, modern, discreet design and long-term reliability. Thanks to the SMD Led in it, the most efficient light emission is achieved. Their aluminium housing design and IP65 water resistance rating make them resistant to changing environmental conditions, so they are safe for outdoor use as well as indoor use. The number after the IP rating, in this case (IP65) the first number indicates protection against dust and the second number indicates protection against water. They are able to illuminate a space at 120 degrees, making them the optimal choice for lighting warehouses, logistics centres, industrial facilities, car showrooms, high ceilings and shopping centres. Our range includes 100W, 150W and 200W high bays, with high brightness levels of 9000 lumens, 13500 lumens and 18000 lumens. Reliable operation is supported by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty. The luminaire can be ceiling mounted or suspended.

100 W - 200 W
10 000 lumen - 30 000 lumen
IP protection
6 pcs of products

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