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ASALITE - together for a brighter future

With Asalite products, you can illuminate your home and business in an energy- and cost-effective way. The Asalite brand was founded in 2014 and we can proudly say that in five years 1,500 companies have already tried one of our products. We have a nationwide network of representatives and provide services to our partners through our experienced team. Our wholesale web store has been accepting orders since 2017 with a constantly growing number of partners. 99% of our offer is available in our warehouse, so the ordered products will be delivered to our partners the next day. The quality of our products is also recognized by our foreign partners, and thanks to this, our export activities to the countries of the European Union are also showing continuous development. As a result of innovative developments, we are able to supply our partners with the most modern products and in many cases, we are pioneers in the domestic market with some of our solutions. All Asalite products comply with the laws and regulations in force in the European Union. Our professional team and products guarantee that it is worth choosing us in the long run!

Péter Monoki
Founder CEO

WHAT KIND OF LIGHT BULB are you looking for?

Our product range includes LED bulbs, fluorescent lamps, panels, fixtures, reflectors, ceiling luminaires for use in your home, office, indoors and outdoors. You can easily select based on the different socket types listed here.

Asalite - together for a
brighter future

Reduce your electicity bill, use the Asalite LED family. Make your eyes happy. LEDs last 25 times or even 50 times longer and saving up to 90% of the energy consumed by standard incandescent bulbs.