LED Solar Light

The New Generation of Solar LED Lamps Has Arrived

Asalite's new solar lamp models convert solar energy into electricity in the most efficient way, thanks to their premium quality batteries.

Solar Outdoor Lamp Battery

Before first use, the batteries of solar lamps must be charged for at least 12 hours to reach their maximum capacity. After this, the batteries will automatically activate the lamps as dusk approaches, utilizing the stored energy. These solar lamps represent the latest generation of solar lamp models, providing energy-efficient lighting.

Solar Outdoor Lamp for Off-Grid Operation

Solar lamps offer an eco-friendly solution since they use solar energy, which is a clean and renewable source. They are also energy-efficient as they do not require grid electricity to operate, contributing to reduced household energy consumption. Solar Outdoor Lamp - IP44, IP65 Protected

Design for All Weather Conditions

Our solar outdoor lamp models feature IP44, IP65 protection, ensuring water resistance and durability against weather conditions for many years. Remember: for optimal operation, the surfaces of the solar panels need to be kept clean. Thanks to stored sunlight, solar outdoor lamps can function even on rainy and cloudy days.

Motion-Sensor Outdoor Lamp

Our solar outdoor lamp models come with an aluminum housing and feature an ultra-thin, stylish design. They are not only elegant but also energy-efficient due to the built-in motion sensor. This ensures that the solar lamp operates only when needed. Our solar outdoor lamp models guarantee long-term operation with up to 25,000 hours of use and come with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty!


2 W - 20 W
100 lumen - 1 800 lumen
Colour temperature
3 000 K - 4 000 K
IP protection
20 000 hours - 25 000 hours
Product form
Motion delay time
18 s - 30 s


In times of energy crisis and global warming, it is crucial that our outdoor solar lamps operate energy-efficiently.
This can be achieved with the help of motion sensors that control automatic on and off switching.Check out our solar LED lamp products and choose the one that best meets your needs.

Motion-Sensor Outdoor Lamp Installation Advice

We recommend the IP44, IP65 water-resistant solar LED floodlight, wall light, bollard light for illuminating any outdoor area around your home, such as yards, terraces, driveways, garages, and the entrances of outdoor residential buildings.

Motion-Sensor Outdoor Lamp with PIR and Microwave Sensors

Today's solar LED lamp models are not only energy-efficient but also elegant and sleek, making them perfect additions to any home or business building. With a wide range of performance options, all needs can be met - especially considering passive infrared motion sensors (PIR) or microwave sensors that ensure lighting is provided only when truly needed.

Outdoor Solar Floodlight: Elegant and Slim Design

Asalite's motion-sensor outdoor lamp models can illuminate with a high light output of up to 1800 lumens for up to 25,000 operating hours. The slim aluminum housing and SMD LED technology result in a reliable and elegant solar LED lamp model, backed by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

Varied Sizes of Motion-Sensor Outdoor LED Lamps to Meet All Needs

Did you know? Our smallest solar lamp model is available in 87 x 115.4 x 35 mm, while the largest measures 160 x 400 mm. We cater to different needs not only with varied sizes but also with the color of our solar outdoor lamp models: our products are available in both white and black.

Solar Lamp with Up to 3.5W Solar Panels

Our solar lamp models are equipped with various types of solar panels: Monocrystalline Silicon and Polysilicon elements, with outputs ranging from 0.5W to 3.5W. The water resistance rating of our outdoor lamp models are IP44, IP65, making them completely safe for outdoor use. Before the first use, we advise charging the solar panel for at least 12 hours to ensure the battery reaches its maximum capacity. Outdoor LED lamp models should be installed so that the surfaces of the solar panels can be regularly cleaned to ensure they remain free from dirt.

Easy Installation of Solar LED Lamps

Our solar lamp models can be easily and quickly installed using a movable metal frame, screws. The beam angle of the solar lamp models are 120° and 180°.


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