Triproof Fixture

The Asalite Premium IP65 Triproof Armatures are suitable for the operation of LED T8 type fluorescent lamps. Our armatures have a high IP65 dust and water resistance rating. The number marked after the product with IP protection, in this case (IP65), the first number "6" indicates protection against dust, solids and dirt, the second number "5" indicates protection against water. Lamps with this rating offer protection even against splashing water. We offer 2x60cm, 2x120cm and 2x150cm armatures. As it is recommended for everyday use, the product is also suitable for office buildings, warehouses, meeting rooms, public institutions, schools and other places where the luminaire is exposed to excessive contamination e.g: car mechanic, carpentry workshops. The armature is equipped with all necessary fixing clips and locks. LED fluorescent tube is not included with the product.

18 W - 50 W
2 000 lumen - 5 500 lumen
IP protection
Product form

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