Led panel 25w vagy led panel 36w teljesítménnyel?

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Led panel 25w vagy led panel 36w teljesítménnyel?

In this article:

  • Wall led panel is small: what do the above data mean?
  • What does the word backlit mean in the name of the wall led panel 25w and the wall
    led panel 36w?
  • What other aspects should we consider when planning office lighting?
  • Led panel 25w or led panel 36w? Conclusion

Let's see the comparison of the 2 types through the numbers! The numbers in the
table are based on the data of our asal0247 and asal0261 products.


Asalite Premium LED Panel BackLit
60x60cm 25W
Asalite Premium LED Panel BackLit
60x60cm 36W
Power 25 W 36 W
Luminosity 4000 lumen 5400 lumen
Color temperature 4000 K 4000 K
Driver lifud-non flicker lifud-non flicker
Size 60x60 60x60
IP protection IP 20  IP 20
Luminous efficacy 160 lumen/watt 150 lumen/watt
Energy class C D
Beam angle 120° 120°
Warranty 5 years 5 years
Lifetime 25.000 hours 25.000 hours
Socket AC AC
Dimmable Not dimmable Not dimmable
UGR: glare factor 22 22

Both models are a perfect choice for lighting offices, doctor's surgeries, school
classrooms, exhibition halls, workshops, waiting rooms, business premises - but
even individual rooms in apartments!

Small LED wall panel: what do the above data mean?

Power: The biggest difference between the wall led panel 25w and the wall led panel
36w types is their power. This power is expressed in watts. The indicated amount of
watts is consumed by the device per hour during operation.

Luminosity: The number next to the luminous flux, the lumen, is the sum of the
amount of visible light emitted by the light source. The Asalite led panel 25w and the
led panel 36w types work with a particularly high luminous flux! The LED panel type
25w provides 4000 lumens - while the LED panel type 36w illuminates the given
space with 5400 lumens.

UGR: glare factor
The UGR (Unified Glare Rating) glare factor is a value used in lighting technology that
shows how dazzling a given lighting system is to the human eye. The UGR value takes
into account glare caused by light sources and environmental conditions (such as the
color of walls and ceilings) and ranges from 13 to 28.
The lower the UGR value, the less dazzling the lighting, the less strain on the eyes.

It means the amount of voltage required to operate the led panel. This can be low
voltage (12 or 24 Volts) or mains voltage (230 Volts). Typically, LED products require
direct current DC voltage.

Did you know?
LED lighting fixtures can provide a significantly higher luminous flux than traditional
burners, let's see the relevant numbers here: typical lumen values of traditional
(incandescent) lamps:

15 Watts: ~120 lumens.
40 Watt: ~450 lumens,
60 Watt: ~700 lumens,
75 Watt: ~900 lumens,
100 Watts: ~1300 lumens.

Large 30-70 Watt LED panels can typically be used to replace compact fluorescent
lamps, their brightness is between 3000-6000 lumens. For comparison, a 100 Watt
halogen bulb has a luminous flux of 1300 lumens.

The big difference between the traditional burners and the LED panel 60x60 types (in
favor of the former) is that the LED lights give full light immediately after switching on
and require little maintenance!

What does the word backlit mean in the name of the wall led panel 25w and the wall led panel 36w?

The term Backlit actually reveals the location of the LED chips in product. In Backlit led panel lighting fixtures, the LED chips are not in the frame of the panel - but they are located on the back of it, so they shine directly down.

Beam angle:
The wall led panel lights up in this spatial angle. The higher this value, the larger the surface the light source can illuminate. It is worth purchasing narrow 15-60° lighting fixtures for accentuating, high-brightness lighting. For general lighting, we recommend wall-mounted LED panel types with a larger radiation angle.

led panel 25w or led panel 36w

What other aspects should we consider when designing office lighting?

Choosing the right wall led panel covers many aspects:
(1) meet the requirements of the relevant standard (2) be economical to operate (3)
meet the expectations and needs of the workers (4) be easy to maintain and have a
long service life
(1) The most important elements of the office lighting standard:
In the employees work area: providing 500 lux light
In the immediate vicinity of the work area: provision of 300 lux light
The light provided by the wall LED panel can be supplemented with table LED lamps, which can be especially helpful in the autumn period. On the other hand, table led lamps can be of great help in optimizing the lighting of an office that is less rich in natural light, or in a less well-located office.

How to create the perfect workspace?
We must take into account both the immediate environment (at least 0.5m wide strip around the work area) and the background area (at least 3m wide area next to the immediate environment).

How to light the work area?
Illumination of the background of the work area: provision of 100 lux light. Regarding pedestrians/corridors: providing 100 lux light. The latter two parameters primarily apply to office lighting in large spaces and facilities.

Large deviations in lighting around the work area can cause visual stress and discomfort for the employee. The lighting of the immediate environment by the wall LED panel must be matched to the lighting of the work area in such a way that a balanced luminance distribution is created in the field of vision. The immediate environment should be a strip at least 0.5 m wide in the field of vision around the work area. The wall-mounted LED panel 25w or the wall-mounted LED panel 36w will be economical and quick-paying lighting equipment for the office environment.

(2) On the economical operation of the wall led panel:
The wall led panel is particularly energy efficient, using less energy than other lighting
devices, such as traditional light bulbs or fluorescent lights.

When choosing between the led panel 25w or the led panel 36w models, it is worth
calculating the input costs of the system, the expected annual electricity
consumption and maintenance costs. When realizing the costs, the most important
thing is to know which room it is for, what kind of work, and how many hours of
operation per day should we expect?

Since an average of 8-9 hours of work takes place in an office, in addition to an
expected low number of switching on and off, we only have to count with few
variables when creating a long-term cost plan: cost, operation and maintenance costs.
Especially since a non-dimmable, non-motion-detecting LED wall panel can operate
with minimal maintenance costs. Another advantage of the wall-mounted LED panel
is that it is easy to install: it can be built-in, has a long service life, and operates with
low heat production.

Adequate heat dissipation is provided by the special aluminum frame for the led
panel 25w and led panel 36w models, so overheating of the LED chips can be avoided.
Thanks to the acrylic diffuser plate, the wall led panel can ensure uniform brightness
even if the material of the product changes (without yellowing).

(3) How can the wall led panel meet the expectations and needs of the workers?
The most important element in this case is choosing the appropriate color
temperature of the wall led panel. The color temperature of the wall led panel helps
workers stay focused, reduces eye strain during work and improves general well-
being. Which color temperature is the perfect choice for an office? In general, a color
temperature of 5000-6500K is recommended for office workplaces, because cool,
white light is stimulating and improves alertness and concentration.
In addition to choosing a wall LED panel and supplementing it with a table LED lamp,
we must also pay attention to minimizing light reflections and glare in the office, as
this way we can provide a more pleasant working environment for employees.
Properly planned office lighting can demonstrably increase workplace performance, -
thereby influencing your companys income!

Led panel 25w or led panel 36w? Conclusion

The most important difference between the led panel 25w and the led panel 36w models is
the performance and the lumen (light current) values. In the choice between the 2 models, the final decision will be the placement of the ceiling led panel 60x60: what kind of room it will be placed in, and what work processes will take place directly below it.

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