Our glare-free offer: UGR 19 LED Panel models!

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Our glare-free offer: UGR 19 LED Panel models!

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Led panel for public institutions: a glare-free choice!

Glare-free is a lighting technical property that indicates that the LED panel in question can minimize the glare experienced during operation. Dazzle is a phenomenon associated with rapid, repeated light fluctuations, which strains the eyes and makes it more difficult to work in the given space and to learn.

Why is it important that the led panel can ensure glare-free operation?

Most of the time, we don't notice glare consciously - but in the case of stronger flickering, we can suffer from headaches, our eyes can hurt, or other ophthalmological symptoms can be caused by improperly designed lighting.

Especially in the case of young students, it is of utmost importance that the lighting in the public institutions they visit the most: schools should be adequate, since not only do they spend a lot of time in these spaces, but also the pages of the textbooks they use reflect the flickering lights.

What could be the cause of flickering, and why is it a good solution to choose LED panel lighting?

Flickering and dazzle can be caused by many things, but the main cause may be the frequency of the given light source or problems with the brightness change in the lighting equipment. The low quality of the lighting equipment can also cause the experienced flickering, so it is advisable to replace it as soon as possible with a glare-free LED panel model that fits your budget and needs.

The UGR 19 led panel models are designed in such a way as to minimize the glare that occurs during their operation and to ensure long-term comfortable light conditions for the eyes in all environments.

UGR 19 led panel közintézményekbe

UGR 19 led panel models for school lighting technology

The secret of the operation of the UGR 19 led panel models

High-quality LED panel models usually operate at a higher frequency, so the human eye does not detect the flickering. UGR, or Unified Glare Rating, which stands for glare-free, is a value used in lighting design to evaluate glare caused by light intensity. The scale of the UGR value ranges from 5 to 40, the lower this value, the smaller the glare factor - the better it protects the eyes during operation.

About the positive physiological effects of the UGR 19 led panel models

The lighting of huge spaces, such as production lines, factories, warehouses, assembly halls, auto and other assembly workshops, must meet special requirements. Adequate lighting: facilitates the completion of all work processes, can reduce the occurrence of workplace accidents, positively affects the productivity of employees and everyday work morale. In addition, it helps to maintain focus for work in the long term, whether it is a morning or evening shift.

Did you know? Being glare-free not only supports successful learning processes, but also improves productivity and helps maintain focus in the long term.

UGR 19 led panel models: where do we recommend them?

Led panel models bearing the Unified Glare Rating 19 label represent a low value that could cause glare discomfort to the eyes. Led panel models bearing this label not only provide visual comfort, but also work with energy-saving operation every day. For this reason, they can be safely used for everyday operation in spaces such as offices, schools, health institutions, cultural public institutions, and public administrative institutions.

UGR19 led panel models in schools: what standards must they meet?

The requirements of educational institutions depend on the building and lighting standards of the given country and region and are determined by local laws, regulations and standards.

Let's see the school lighting regulations that apply to students'; health and learning conditions.

• Brightness: It is essential to ensure adequate brightness in school classrooms and classroom workshops. The ceiling led panel 60x60 and the ceiling led panel 120x30 provide suitable viewing conditions in terms of learning efficiency. The required light intensity in a given educational room depends on: the type and size of the given room, the number of students staying there, and the equipment of the classroom. For classrooms, laboratories, corridors, etc. different luminance values are specified which can largely determine the parameters for the selection of the LED panel.

ugr 19 led panel a felnőttoktatásban

The UGR 19 led panel is also one of the most important lighting devices in adult education

• Color temperature: The ceiling led panel 60x60 model or larger "sibling"; operating with the appropriate color temperature, the ceiling led panel 120x30 type, is available in the Asalite Lighting range and with a medium color temperature of 4000 K. During operation, 4000K faithfully imitates the color temperature of natural daylight - the light conditions they provide help students (both in day and evening classes) to stay awake during lessons, and also support the maintenance of long-term focus.

Even illumination: Uniform lighting helps to avoid strong contrasts and shadows that can affect vision and facilitates work in classrooms and workshops.

Lighting standards: When planning and designing school lighting, local building and lighting standards must be taken into account, which prescribe the appropriate lighting parameters and the safety requirements for the lighting equipment used. It is always recommended to consult with an expert and comply with local regulations and standards when creating the lighting technical requirements plan provided by led panel models in schools.

What else is worth paying attention to for glare-free lighting technology?

In addition to the technology ensuring glare-free operation, it is important that the size of the selected ceiling led panel and the number of models to be installed meet the needs.

In addition, the ceiling led panel model must ensure long-term operation, i.e. a long service life, and a high on-off value. In a school as a public educational institution, both values can be exceptionally high, so we should only vote for a brand and only a led panel type that fully meet the above requirements.

Did you know?
The Asalite Premium ceiling led panel 60x60 model and the ceiling led panel 120x30 led panel both work with 139 lumens/watt light utilization.
This value is exceptionally high - just like the 5,000 lumens they provide.

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