Led panel 36w: the unbeatable champion of lighting public institutions

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Led panel 36w: the unbeatable champion of lighting public institutions

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In which public institutions are 36w led panel models the perfect solution?

We recommend Asalite's new, premium-quality UGR 19 led panel products for lighting the following public institutions:
Public educational institutions: for example, they can be schools, universities, secondary schools and kindergartens, where learning and education take place.
To public health facilities: such as hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices and
health centers where people receive health care.
We also recommend it for public cultural institutions, such as museums, libraries, galleries and theaters, where culture and art are disseminated.
36w LED panel products are also excellent choices for judicial public institutions, such as courts, prisons and police stations, where judicial processes take place.
We also recommend our products for public administrative institutions, such as government offices, municipalities and tax offices, which operate in various areas of state administration.

Led panel 36w ceiling lighting is a standout in the field of education.

One of the most important elements in creating the right conditions for learning is good lighting. The 36W LED Panel provides 5000 lumens of light and illuminates the space below at an angle of 120°.

The lighting, which mimics daylight, helps to maintain focus and keep students comfortable during the dark autumn-winter months. The Asalite Premium 36w LED panel models not only provide the perfect brightness and light colour temperature for learning, but are also energy efficient with a light output of 150 lumens per watt.

Classroom furniture plays an important role in student comfort, motivation and effective learning. The Asalite led panel 60x60 36w models can be installed in suspended ceilings, in a ceiling frame and with a suspension solution (wire stranded), so they can be conveniently integrated into any classroom.

Led panel 36w models for public health

In addition to public educational institutions, 36w led panel models are also an excellent choice for public healthcare institutions, as they are not only an excellent choice from an energy efficiency point of view - but also because the high number of on-off cycles does not reduce their lifetime.
In a healthcare facility, it is vital that medical treatment is not too often disturbed by working on equipment that needs maintenance in the space.

Asalite's 36w led panel products ensure minimum maintenance hours with up to 25,000 hours of operation. The durability of the Asalite led panel 36w 4000K models is also due to the rugged design of the SMD LEDs, which are vibration resistant, making them resistant to mechanical impacts and vibrations.

Did you know? The SMD led panel 36w models are high efficiency, which means they emit a greater amount of light with a lower energy input. For public institutions, this means that the demands for functionality and high technical content are met in a product-1.

Ugr 19 led panel termékeink 25w és 36w teljesítménnyel

Led panel 36w models offered by Asalite


Led panel 36w models for the perfect lighting of public cultural institutions

Visiting museums can be an exciting and enlightening experience, and an opportunity to explore culture, art, history or science.

The lighting of museums, libraries, galleries, etc. has special requirements, among which the lighting of rooms of different heights and functions is essential. In addition to spaces that provide through traffic for visitors, attention must be paid to the specific requirements of exhibition spaces. In view of the value of the exhibits stored in the buildings and halls of public cultural institutions (and here we are thinking not only of material but also of cultural values), the lighting equipment installed in the building must be perfectly reliable. We must ensure that the wiring is properly positioned and protected, and we must choose lighting equipment that does not generate significant heat during operation.

Asalite's premium quality 36w LED panel models feature an aluminium frame to ensure proper heat dissipation, thus avoiding overheating of the LED chips. Thanks to the acrylic diffuser sheet, the material of the product does not yellow during use, ensuring a uniform brightness.

Led panel 36w glare-free UGR 19 with LIFUD non-flicker driver

Thanks to the aluminium frame and aluminium PCB plate, our 36w LED panel models are lightweight and thanks to their excellent heat dissipation properties, they are safe and reliable products for a long time.
What does glare immunity mean and why do we need it?

The UGR (Unified Glare Rating) is a measure used in lighting technology to assess the amount and intensity of glare that causes eye fatigue and glare.

Eye fatigue refers to excessive eye fatigue, often the result of prolonged periods of intense visual activity, such as long hours of computer use, reading, driving or other close-focus activities. Symptoms of eye fatigue include redness, burning or itching of the eyes, a feeling of dryness, blurred vision, headaches, difficulty concentrating and a general feeling of discomfort around the eyes. These symptoms can reduce work efficiency in the workplace, create opportunities for mistakes and also affect the general well-being of the colleague.

A szemfáradtságot a rossz fényviszonyok is okozhatjákEye fatigue can also be caused by poor lighting conditions

What can we do to reduce eye fatigue?!
As an employer, we can help colleagues by creating a more ergonomic working environment: by installing new lighting equipment to provide higher brightness, or vice versa: by removing inadequate brightness from LED panels to ensure that they are no longer too bright.

Did you know? Lighting devices with a UGR of 19 and below are considered appropriate for workplace environments such as offices or classrooms where work is carried out under sustained attention for extended periods of time.

Mit tehetünk a szemfáradtság csökkentésének céljából?! 
Munkáltatóként segíthetjük a kollégák munkáját egy ergonómikusabb munkahelyi környezet kialakításával: új világítástechnikai eszközök felszerelésével magasabb fényerőt, vagy fordítva: a nem megfelelő fényerejű led panelek leszerelésével a túl erős megvilágítás megszűnését biztosíthatjuk.
 Tudta? Az UGR  19  és az ennél alacsonyabb értékkel rendelkező világítástechnikai eszközök tekinthetőek megfelelőnek a munkahelyi környezetben, mint pl. az irodákban ,vagy a tantermekben, ahol hosszabb ideig tartós figyelemmel zajló munka folyik.

The technical element marked with the number 5 in the figure ensures the glare-free operation of the UGR

UGR led panel 36w - for glare-free camera shots

The absence of glare not only reduces the burden on the eyes of employees and visitors on the premises, but also has an impact on the operation of various technical devices such as cameras and telephones.

The glare-free nature of the camera shot refers to the interaction between the camera and the light source. Glare occurs when strong light sources or reflective surfaces shine directly into the camera lens or lens elements, which can result in distracting bright spots or streaks in the image.

There is a lot of camera work and photography in public cultural institutions, so it is essential to light the exhibition spaces with light sources that ensure glare-free operation.

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