Get to know our new products: the ECO led panels!

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Get to know our new products: the ECO  led panels!

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Get to know our NEW products, the ECO LED panels!

Asalite Lighting's premium led panel range includes new great products and available in 2 sizes!
The Asalite ECO LED Panel Backlit 60X60 cm and the Asalite ECO LED Panel Backlit 120x30 cm.

In our previous articles, we have already mentioned many times that the ceiling led panel 60x60 is still one of the most popular sizes on the market, which is no wonder. It holds its own in both smaller and larger rooms, and there are no complaints about its technical content.

The Asalite Premium LED panel Backlit provides 30W power and 3200 lumens in addition to the most popular size 60x60!

The rectangular sibling of the led panel that can be built into plasterboard is the 120x30 cm version, the premium led panel backlit with article number ASAL0274, which provides a luminous flux of 3200 lumens during operation for a power of 30w.

ECO LED panels with excellent light utilization

The Asalite models with a power of 30w can use 107 lumens/watt with a luminous flux of 3200 lumens. This is how functionality and environmentally friendly operation become possible in 1!

What does the term ECO LED mean in the name of the led panel?

The term means an environmentally friendly solution that aims to reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental impact. They are based on LED (light emitting diode) technology and are energy efficient. The ECO mark indicates that these models have additional features or design characteristics that make them even more energy efficient and sustainable.

What are the advantages of ECO LED panels?

These products have many advantages. Firstly, due to the low energy consumption of LED technology, they can result in significant energy savings compared to traditional lighting solutions. They also have a longer lifespan, which reduces maintenance costs and waste. They can be made of environmentally friendly materials, such as mercury-free LEDs. Additional energy savings can be achieved during the operation of the ECO led panel models if we use automatic light sensors or motion sensors.

Where do we recommend our ECO Led panel models?

We heartily recommend the Asalite ECO LED Panel Backlit 60X6 cm and the Asalite Premium LED Panel Backlit 120x30 cm models for lighting offices, schools, hospitals, shops, warehouses and other community and industrial locations.

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