Led panel 60x60 - the invincible favorite

29/1. Nov 29
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Led panel 60x60 - the invincible favorite

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  • Led panel 60x60: the queen of ceiling lights
  • What are the main characteristics of the led panel 60x60?
  • The advantages of ceiling led panels compared to traditional lighting
  • Questions about the renovation of the old hall lighting

Led panel 60x60: the queen of ceiling lights

The LED panel size 60x60 has been a favorite for years for companies lighting large spaces, be it office premises, hospital clinics, school classrooms, exhibition halls, business premises, etc. lighting.
The ceiling led panel models are now available in many sizes and color temperatures, some types are even dimmable, despite the variety, the most popular shape is still the square!
The size of the led panel 60x60 is the most popular both for the construction industry and for the led panel manufacturers. The simplicity of production and installation, as well as the wide applicability, were all reasons why this type has the leading role among ceiling led panel models.

The panel false ceilings of the office environment offer a wide range of possibilities for the led panel 60x60 models.


What are the main characteristics of the led panel 60x60?

  • Power: the 60x60 models of the led panel are also available with 25w, 36w
    and 45w power - according to needs.
  • Size: 595 * 595* 30 mm vagy 595*595*10 mm változatban is kaphatóak.
  • Socket: AC
  • Luminosity: particularly high: they can provide a luminous flux of 3600,
    4000 or 5400 lumens.
  • Colour temperature: you can choose from 4000K or 6500K color
    temperature depending on the type of work performed in the illuminated
  • Driver: today it can be a legitimate basic requirement for customers to be
    equipped with a lifud non-flicker driver, that is, that the led panel ensures
    glare-free operation.
  • Ip protection: the 60x60 models of the led panel are only optimized for
    indoor operation - for rooms in which it is not expected that any work
    involving the emission of steam or dust will take place.
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Lifetime: 25.000 óra, 15.000 switching on and off
  • Beam angle: 120 degrees
  • Product weight: 170 g
  • Energy class: our LED panel 60x60 models have a "C" or "D" classification in
    terms of energy efficiency, they are reliable lighting devices with high light
    utilization even in the long term.
  • Warranty: 3-5 year manufacturer's warranty
    ...but why do we see more and more places with LED lighting, instead of
    traditional burners? Lets see their advantages! »»

The advantages of ceiling led panels compared to traditional lighting fixtures

LED lighting fixtures - and thus the iconic model of the LED panel 60x60 - provide an ideal solution for several reasons, not only for lighting office-type rooms, but also for homes.
LED lighting fixtures, such as the 60x60 models of the LED panel, are energysaving.

Due to the skyrocketing energy prices, it is important for everyone that the devices they operate operate with as little consumption as possible: an LED panel consumes up to 80% less energy than a traditional burner.

LED lighting fixtures are more efficient than traditional lighting fixtures, they produce more light, and their brightness can be easily controlled by the user. The LED lighting devices, such as the LED panel 60x60 models, shine with full light immediately after switching on. Gone are warm-up times, buzzing, and flashing lights. They also tolerate frequent switching of the lights well, they are not damaged like compact lights or fluorescent tubes, which are now considered old-fashioned.

The lifetime of LED lighting devices is much longer than that of traditional burners. If we use it for an average of 8 hours a day, we can easily expect it to last more than a decade. It doesnt overheat, it doesnt heat up its surroundings, and its also more impact-resistant than traditional burners.

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