Led panel 36W for public institutions - choose wisely!

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Led panel 36W for public institutions -  choose wisely!

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Public institutions - such as schools, libraries, hospitals and other community facilities - must follow local regulations, including those on the purchase and installation of lighting equipment. But how can we achieve perfect lighting in a sensitive place like a school?

Adequate brightness in schools - led panel with 36W luminaires

Different brightness levels may be required in different areas of the school. For example, classrooms, laboratories, administrative areas such as offices may need different light levels due to different uses.

In classrooms and training rooms with practical tasks, higher light levels should be provided to ensure perfect visibility and accident-free work in the room.
Installation of Asalite led panel 36W models is practical: can easily provide higher brightness by using a spring-loaded fixing into the plasterboard plane, by using a suspension kit or by fixing into the suspended ceiling with an aluminium frame that slides into each other.
The LED panel is simply inserted into a suspended ceiling of cassette plasterboard.

However, lower brightness levels may be acceptable in rest rooms, stairwells and circulation areas. The Asalite led panel 36W 4000K, 5000 lumens can be mounted in a highlight frame or fixed with wire strands.

led panel 36W

Energy efficiency is a priority for schools

In public institutions, energy efficiency plays a key role for sustainability and cost savings, as they are mostly working with a fixed budget. In such institutions, the use of energy efficient lighting systems is essential.

If energy efficiency is more important than anything else: don't forget the LED panel 25w UGR<19 ceiling LED panel, capable of providing 3600 lumens of luminous flux!

The Asalite Premium LED Panel 36W UGR<19 models (60x60 or 120x30) provide 139 lumen/watt luminous efficacy at 5000 lumen luminous flux with 25.000 hours of operation and a 5 year manufacturer warranty!

Glare-free lighting in schools - with the 36W LED panel

What is glare-free? 
The UGR (Unified Glare Rating) is a value used in lighting design to assess glare from luminance. The UGR indicates how distracting or unpleasant the 'glare' from a light source is in a given space.
The UGR value ranges from 5 to 40, and the lower the value, the less
With a UGR<19, the 36W LED panel may be the perfect choice for lighting rooms with an office environment or where workers are working in front of screens.

In lighting design, designers aim to keep the UGR low and use lighting solutions that reduce eye fatigue and ensure perfect visibility conditions for all types of work.

What are the main recommendations for lighting classrooms in schools?

When designing classroom lighting, a number of standards and recommendations need to be taken into account to ensure good visibility and comfort for students and teachers. With our premium led panel 36w 60x60 and led panel 36w 120x30, all recommendations can be easily met.

  1. Appropriate lighting level: Lighting in the classroom should provide enough light for students to read and write easily, to supplement the natural light coming into the classroom.

  2. Direct and even lighting: Lighting should be evenly distributed throughout the room so that there are no sharp contrasts or shadowy areas. A 60x60 36W LED panel on the ceiling or a 120x30 36W LED panel on the ceiling can be used to illuminate spaces evenly. 

  3. Colour rendering index (CRI): CRI indicates the ability of a light source to faithfully reproduce colours. In the classroom, it is important to use lighting with a good CRI so that students and teachers can see colours accurately, especially if there is graphic design work or art activities going on in the classroom.

  4. Pleasant colour temperature: Colour temperature can affect mood and concentration. The general recommendation in classrooms is to use a colour temperature of 4000-5000 Kelvin (cool white). This helps to keep students alert throughout the day and increase attention.

    led panel 36W

Variety of led panel 36W sizes for all needs

In public buildings, including schools, rooms of all sizes and locations need to be lit at all times of the year. But which size should we choose?
The 60x60 36W LED panel or the 120x30 36W LED panel?

For even illumination of square rooms, we recommend the led panel 60x60 36W, for a good use of the available space and for an aesthetic appearance.
For the illumination of elongated rectangular rooms, we can consider the 120x30 36W LED panel, as BOTH types have the same power, lumen output and colour temperature.


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